I am Suleika Olivo. I have been a licensed massage therapist since 2007, working on a wide range of Brooklynites who carry different aches, pains, and stresses. I stumbled into the massage world years ago while working at Equinox Health Clubs. Coming into contact with many of the clients there, I was able to see the changes in their posture and overall wellness after receiving a massage. This drove me to find out more about this bodywork and even experience the changes myself.

In school, I was amazed by the body and its self-healing properties. I believe it is a privilege to be an aide to the body, telling the muscles it's okay to let go solely by using my hands (and forearms). Shortly after graduating from the Swedish Institute in New York City, I became certified in prenatal massage under the teaching of Carole Osborne-Sheets. I’ve been lucky to have worked with several moms throughout their entire pregnancy becoming familiar with their changing physical needs.

While working at one of Brooklyn's top-rated spas, Sage Spa, I was able to work with pregnant women, students, professionals, athletes, dancers, elderly, and moms and dads. I've also worked with newbies to massage, explaining how it all works so they are comfortable and ready for the work. Now I'm bringing the knowledge and experienced I've gained to my own clientele.  My work typically includes a combination of all the different modalities I’ve learned from swedish to deep tissue, including trigger point work, myofascial techniques and stretches to release and strengthen muscles.

I believe learning never ends and am always looking for new techniques and ways to help serve my clients better. I look forward to working with you!





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