Postnatal Massage

A nurturing massage for the new mom.  After your baby is born, your body is recovering from childbirth, dealing with the new physical and emotional demands of caring for your new baby/babies, and trying to navigate a new normal through sleep deprivation.  A postnatal massage is one of the best ways to help facilitate your recovery.  This session can be done right after birth when you are feeling ready for it.

Whether you are feeling comfortable to lay down on your stomach with helpful adjustments or would prefer the comfort of pillows to lay on your side, we'll discuss how you are feeling and what your body is going through to modify how this session will be for you.

A postnatal massage can...

  • help stimulate your body's energy and regulate hormone levels

  • relieve muscle tension that could have developed due to labor itself

  • aid in the realignment of your spine, organs, and pelvis

  • reduce back, neck, and arm pain that arises from the repetitive holding positions that comes with caring for a newborn

  • help to eliminate excess prenatal fluid


60 minutes ... $120

90 minutes ... $170


Five 60 minute sessions $550 ($50 savings)

Five 90 minute sessions $775 ($75 savings)




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