Prenatal Massage

A prenatal massage just helps!  There can be different types of stressors that pregnancy can bring up.  Physically, how you naturally carry yourself changes calling on different muscles to help support you.  And emotionally... well, we can write multiple books on the emotional changes a pregnancy can bring up.  A prenatal massage can help to reduce the effects of those stressors by relieving muscle pain, improving your sleep and your mood, lower labor complications, and decrease those stress hormones that can have a negative effect on development.

As a certified prenatal massage therapist, I am able to adapt your session to work with the new changes your body is going through.  It is perfectly safe to have massage throughout the entire length of your pregnancy.

During the first trimester you are able to receive massage lying face down or on your side depending on your comfort.  After the second trimester begins, I would start to primarily work with you as you lay on your side.  You will be supported with pillows specifically created for this position.  These pillows will allow you to lay on your side without compressing the arm/shoulder you lay on, and keep your spine, pelvic/hip area aligned correctly.  This specific placement will help to encourage your muscles to relax.


60 minutes ... $120

90 minutes ... $170


Five 60 minute sessions $550 ($50 savings)

Five 90 minute sessions $775 ($75 savings)




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