Therapeutic Massage

By using different massage techniques, a therapeutic massage can help poor circulation, ease tense and sore muscles, and free muscle restrictions brought on by the daily wear and tear of our lives.  It puts a pause on stress, bringing relaxation and producing an overall feeling of balance physically and emotionally.

During the session, I use a combination of long, circulatory strokes to introduce healing blood flow to the muscles, friction to break up adhesions or knots, and stretching to help release contracted muscles.  Changing the pace with more deeper, focused work to reach the deeper muscles and address contracted muscle fibers.

For your massage session, we can discuss how you are feeling and what the goals for your session are. From there we can create a session designed specifically for you.

Some examples of how we can set up your session:
  • Full body massage that can include specific focus on an area

  • Just an upper body massage for your back, neck, and arms

  • A neck, head, and scalp session

  • TMJ focused session that includes upper back and neck

  • Foot massage that includes lower leg work


60 minutes ... $120

90 minutes ... $170


Five 60 minute sessions $550 ($50 savings)

Five 90 minute sessions $775 ($75 savings)




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